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Regeneration Salon & Spa +Wellness - Mission-Cultivating an environment to Refresh*Renew*Restore the mind, body, and spirit, inspiring people to transform outer beauty, to reflect the light from within. Vision-Lives transformed through a team with a passion for beauty and a passion for life, committed to efficiency, excellence, and effectiveness. Transforming Beauty To Beautiful !!!! (Article and photo by Como Living Magazine)


Marcie Olivas

SALON/SPA OWNER - MARCIE OLIVAS Principled in business and passionate about the Art of Cosmetology, Marcie Olivas is respected for her approach to education. Equips, builds, trains and expands the mind of Salon Professionals with a wealth of diverse knowledge. Marcie is a Matrix Artistic Designer, and a master colorist. She has done consulting work for magazine issues and has been published in many trade magazines, Miss USA delegates, photo shoots, and bridal fashion shows. She has extensive knowledge in skincare, plus a CIDESCO Diplomate certification, and is also a Certified Health/Essential Oils Coach and Yoga Coach.

"Stop stiving for perfection, it can not be acheived. Strive for excellence that is acheivable."
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Samantha Woolridge


Aveda Brand Ambassador, Licensed Cosmetologist and Licensed Cosmetology Instructor. She manages the staff and education, supporting the team with fresh and new ideas to develop the creativity and knowledge of Cosmetology. So we can better help support and maintain the desired look for our guests. Aveda colorist and hair sculptor, skilled in the art of hairstyling and makeup artistry for special occasions or an everyday look.

Adding to her many talents she is also a certified essential oils/yoga/mindfullness coach.

"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure."
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Jill Allen - Reiki Integrative Healing

Reiki Master 

Ayurveda Nutritionist

Yoga Coach 

Dedicated and passionate about nourishing the mind, body & soul. From the energy work and meditation of Reiki, with the principles of Ayurveda wisdom of health and healing. 

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Rachel Fuchs

Rachel Fuchs- Salon/Spa Cooridnator

Manages salon/spa appointments and events. 


Caitlyn Cunningham

Massage Therapist - Caitlyn  Cunningham

Licensed Massage Therapist,  She is equipt with a wealth of knowledge about muscular tissue therapy. Passionate about helping other with a holistic approach, to achieve their goal of being stress free and pain free. Specializing in deep tissue massage. Experienced in swedish, myofascial release and other modalities of therapeutic massage.
"You can't pour from an empty cup.Take care of yourself first." -Unknown


Chrissy Osbourne


Artistic Designer passionate about creating beautiful color. Matrix Artist Specializing in the craft of balayage color techniques, taking color as subtle or as dramatic as desired. Skilled in the art of natural curls developed a skill for hair sculpting natural curls that allows you to style curls with little or low maintanence. Certified in smoothing treatments for the hair taking it straight or reducing curl and controlling frizz.

"For a tree to become tall, it must grow tough roots amongst the rocks"
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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Chris Mears


Licensed Cosmetologist /Babe Certified hair Extension Educator. Chris has mastered the skill of men's sculpting for fades, and really shows his talent in the pop art fashion colors of balayage. He is able to take color as subtle or dramatic as desired. Special occasions ready to dress and detail your hair with curls, waves, twisted or braided you name it his talent for hair styling is sure brilliant leaving you ready for the red carpet.

"When you can't change the direction of the wind- Adjust our sails"

-H.Jackson Brown Jr.

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